Locust Grove Can Be Fun For Anyone

Locust Grove, GA

Locust Grove is a quaint city in Henry County at Georgia that offers easy living away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, situated 35 miles from downtown Atlanta.

Named out of a grove of all locust trees seen Throughout the entire town, Locust Grove has so much to offer to each guest -- from great shopping and fine dining into a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor adventure.

If you love Shopping, you'd surely find Locust Grove the ideal place to go as town is home to Tanger Outlet Center where you can buy your favourite brand directly from the maker at much lesser costs than those sold in regular shops.

60 brand name outlet stores offering a massive selection of top-quality and in-season product at discounted prices every day.

Tanger Outlet Center opened in Locust Grove in 1994 and ever since that time, it helped the city attract new companies, visitors and even new residents who wish to begin a life in the city.

The city's Historical Downtown is also a perfect location to Shop as the place abounds with lots of unique stores and a great deal of shopping opportunities for people who are looking for great bargains.

At the Historic Downtown is your ideal stop as it offers an eclectic mix of Southern and New Orleans cuisine.

Have a seat at Locust Grove's Train Seeing Platform nestled in the Mayors' Walk Park in Historic Downtown and watch over 40 trains as they pass from the city every day. The trains link Atlanta into the Port of Savannah.

The Train Watching Platform Has a scanner Radio, lighting, picnic tables and plenty of chairs for train watchers. It functioned as the site of the town's Farmer's Market held on most Saturdays of June until September and is also where several summer events in Locust Grove happen.

Maybe it's worth to note that Locust Grove has been a significant Railroad supply center for cotton, peaches and other farm goods in the Several warehouses offered in these years. This makes the city's rail Business a huge portion of its history, hence the creation of the Train Watching Platform to Demonstrate That the town hasn't check here forgotten its rich heritage, which it Also wants to share to all visitors.

Maybe You are wondering exactly what awaits you in Locust Grove, a quaint town in Henry County from the state of Georgia.

Well, if you like animals, you are in for a great Adventure at this small city named Locust Grove.

Founded in 1978 by Jama Hedgecoth, Noah's Ark is home to more Than 1,500 farm and exotic animals with 100 different species. These animals include bears, lions, tigers, birds, exotic cats, foxes and wolves, livestock, primates and reptiles. These animals were rescued and cared for by the refuge's in-house veterinarians.

Each Year, countless animals are rehabilitated through The refuge's Wild Life Rehabilitation program and came back to the wild.

Situated at 712 LG Griffin Road, Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary involves an animal rehab centre, a practice and management construction, nature trails and innumerable all-natural habitats for the animals on site. It provides guests the opportunity to see these creatures up close and wander throughout their habitats.

Each Year, over 100,000 individuals visit the sanctuary To experience firsthand how these creatures reside in their natural surroundings.

Apart from Caring for those animals, Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary can be active in teaching and advocating for responsible animal ownership and provides some pets, especially dogs, for adoption. It also holds different activities inside the "park like" sanctuary for all guests to enjoy. On Oct. 28, a Fall Festival will be held at the sanctuary which features games, food, shopping, fun and much more.

The refuge is Called for the biblical Noah's Ark, which symbolized that a boat of security in the midst of danger. It was built to shield children and creatures from the current floods of neglect and abuse.

If You're done Mingling with all the critters, go straight to the Gardner Farm and Peach Orchard in 3192 Hwy 42 South and pick your own peaches, blueberries, blackberries and nectarines or harvest homegrown vegetables like tomatoes, that are ideal for sandwiches.

Gardner Farm especially sells sweet and succulent peaches For generations, which is the family's main staple throughout the summertime that they've been cultivating for over 100 years.

At the farm, the peaches are grown on trees that are close To 30 years old, some even older.

Gardner Farm and Peach Orchard is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. once in season.

Even Only a Brief trip at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary or A short stop over at the Gardner Farm and Peach Orchard can bring you good and

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